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Vary From Blue To Green was created out of frustration. For years I have been over paying for pee pads and I needed a solution
to the problem.  I found a great supplier. So now I can help all pet owners receive pee pads at a reasonable price.
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Thanks for the quick shipment.
Good quality and a great price!
Karen, Buena Park CA

Pee pads surpassed our
expectations. The size fits
perfect in Mokie's potty area.
Brad & Alannah, Ca

My yorkie Jewels loves her new
pee pads. I love how quick they
absorb. They're so easy to clean up.
Briena, CA

Hi Kevin-
We just love your pee-pads.  The
size is so nice and two of them
side-by-side fit nicely into our
space.  Great product at a fabulous
Thank you so much-
Jodie, Sissy & Angel

Thank you for these wonderful,
fast absorbing pads!! Great service
and lightening fast shipping!! Trixie
and Pia give two paws up!!!

Thanks soooo much,
Dina, Trixie & Pia
More Testimonials
"What amazing, awesome, lightening fast service!!! offers
immediate response to inquiry(s), tremendous customer service and
Kevin is simply delightful to work with.  His delivery services is truly
the fastest I've personally experienced out of all orders placed via the
internet or phone throughout the years.  

Because my spouse and I are both disabled, we're not always able to
take our 'four-legged child' out for long walks, necessitating the use of
pads in various locations of our home.  The largest of the sizes is
perfect for more frequented area while smaller ones are great for thosel
we're not always in but our little Cock-A-Poo needs a 'relief spot'.  No
matter the size, all are the same excellent quality.

Thanks again for a great product at an incredibly low price and
excellent customer service.  No question, will remain our sole
provider for such needs.

Warmest regards,

The Mortel familly"
Hi Kevin,

We love your Pee-Pads because of their size, absorbency, and price.  They also smell less than the ones we were ordering  
online.  And, because they cost less, we can feel better about throwing them away more frequently--and the size is great for
that too.  Our baby, Bella,  must like them better too, because she consistently pees on them.  I just wish we had found your
pee-pads 10 months ago when we got her.

Thank you!

Danae and Bella
These are the first pee pads I've used that don't leak like crazy. Even if they pee on the blue edge, it still
doesn't soak through, I'm VERY pleased w/them!


Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the speedy shipment!  Ordering by bulk is so convenient and beats any pet supply price!  Its
even cheaper than Wal-Mart or Target!    Stanley
Kevin , thank you soo much for the fast shipping, got them today :) and i love this new xtra large
size. Normaly i have to lay 2 of them down, now i dont have to ! This is going to be my new size !
thanks  Claudia Ferguson
Hi again Kevin,

I received the pee pads yesterday. That was very quick. So far I like them really well. They don't
slide or leak the way the ones from Walmart do. Thanks for the fast service. Nan Kleppinger
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