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Coming Home: Preparing for Your Puppy

Coming Home: Preparing for Your Puppy
By Grant Carroll

When you bring home a new puppy, itís like bringing home a new family member. So, you want to be totally prepared for all the challenges of owning a puppy. With the proper steps, you and your little one will have a comfy and happy life. The basic items that you must have include food, everyday essentials, and grooming tools.

Food is obviously the most important item to have ready for your puppy. Puppies grow at an amazing rate and need extra calories and protein. You can meet this need either by buying puppy food that is specially formulated or by taking adult food and mixing in a raw egg or meat. Also keep in mind that your puppy has been eating a certain kind of food at the breeders or pet store. Find out what kind it is and gradually change to whatever food you want to get. Switching too fast could cause some digestion troubles.

The everyday essentials for a puppy are a collar, leash, crate with bed, pee pads, food and water bowls and of course toys. Be sure to get a crate proportional to the size of your puppy. Large breeds will of course need some more room. This is also important in using the crate to house break. Buy your pee pads in bulk until the puppy is completely house broken. As for toys, go for the more expensive and durable ones. They will last longer and save you money in the long run. Your dog will have more fun with them, too. Get stainless steel food and water bowls because theyíre easier to clean and more durable that plastic ones.

Grooming is an important part of a dogís life that often gets overlooked, so itís important that you have all the right tools. Whether your dog is short or long haired, you will need nail clippers to keep their nails at a healthy length. Nails that are too long are uncomfortable to walk on and destroy things more easily. For longer hair and larger breeds, decide ahead of time if youíre going to do grooming yourself or if youíre going to go to a professional. If youíre doing it yourself, make sure you have good shears, a brush and some gentle shampoo.

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